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Pawlenty Can Run for President, But Can’t Hide from Record.

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Truth About Tim Website to Prevent Re-Writing of
History as Pawlenty Runs to the Right in Presidential Bid

Saint Paul – As soon-to-be-former
Minnesota Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty starts his run for President and a
book tour this month, a Minnesota advocacy group, Alliance for a Better
Minnesota (ABM), launches a website aiming to keep the record straight on the
legacy Pawlenty is leaving behind.

website,, is an online base for fact-checking of Pawlenty’s
statements made about his time in office, his decisions about state funding,
and his false claims about “keeping a lid on taxes” when homeowners in
Minnesota saw their tax bills go up by double digits while he was in the
Governor’s office.

truth about Tim Pawlenty is that he leaves the state in much worse shape then
when he took office eight years ago,” said Denise Cardinal, Executive Director
of ABM. “He might be running for President but he can’t hide from his record –
no matter what he might say at a Republican fundraiser or what was written in
his book.”

commemorate the departure of Pawlenty from the Governor’s office and the launch
of the site, ABM is announcing a contest for Minnesotans to submit their own
portrait of Pawlenty. Entries can be in any medium (such as videos of
performance or songs) and will be shared and voted on in January. This is in
contrast to Pawlenty’s recent announcement that he was commissioning his own
portrait for the state Capitol at a cost of $25,000 of taxpayer funds. Entries
can be emailed to

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