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Timdependence Day!

If you’re like us, you got a hearty chuckle (or fifteen) when former Governor Tim Pawlenty released his video trailer for his book Courage to Stand: An American Story. Complete with what seems like every image he could find in a Google search of patriotism in American culture, Pawlenty tells us that we are “puttin’ our head down and gettin’ it done” (in a nice Midwestern accent).

Now, Pawlenty apparently has so much courage to stand, that the folks over at City Pages wondered…what would Pawlenty look like in some of America’s biggest–and most patriotic–blockbuster movies. Head on over to see movie posters for T-Pawmageddon, T-Ception, Transpawlenty, Timmy Pawter and the Deathly Hallows, and my personal favorite, T-Pawcalypse Now.

This, needless to say, inspired us. We “put our head down and got it done” and created the theatrical trailer for the next big blockbuster, “Timdependence Day.” The premise? Does former Governor Tim Pawlenty have the courage to stand against the intruders, save us from the alien invaders and win the Republican nomination for President? Check it out below!


Photo credit: City Pages

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