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GOP Fast-Tracking Anti-Gay Amendment.

Minnesota Republicans just don’t have time to try to balance the budget or create jobs in Minnesota. Instead of working on the issues that matter, members of the GOP are speeding an anti-gay constitutional amendment through the legislature.

Last week the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing was packed with folks who wanted to testify on the bill. It passed out of committee on a strictly party line vote, with all Republicans voting for the measure.

The House Civil Law Committee will be hearing the bill in just under an hour today. Huge numbers of testifiers are expected again today, but if you don’t want to wrestle the crowd you can always watch the hearing on The UpTake.

As I said last week, constitutional amendments are the latest Republican trickery to bypass the fairly elected Governor and general opposition to these measures. American Idol legislating is simply not a good idea.

The GOP is trying to ram this bill through committee. We need to show them that Minnesotans oppose measures to make Minnesota a less equal place. We know that Minnesotans value equality for everyone, and we need to show Republicans that we are not going to stand for an anti-gay constitutional amendment.


Photo credit: Flickr

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