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Planned Parenthood Launches “Let’s Talk” Activities.

From Kate:

It’s no secret–parents talk to their children about sex-related topics. But are all concerns covered? According to a national poll by Planned Parenthood, “Let’s Talk: Are Parents Tackling Crucial Conversations About Sex?” a vast majority of parents speak to their children about relationships and personal values but neglect to talk about tougher situations such as saying no to sex and about contraception options.

October is “Let’s Talk” month for Planned Parenthood, a project that fosters parent-child retreats held throughout the month.

“We often hear from parents in the Twin Cities and throughout the region who say they are uncomfortable talking about the harder topics,” said Kimberly Rossow, PPMNS Director of Education and Outreach. “That’s why Let’s Talk Month is so crucial. We can help parents lay the groundwork early and talk to their kids often and openly.”

The “Let’s Talk” poll showed parents are very concerned about the safety of their children. The retreats will help those concerned communicate effectively. As weird and uncomfortable as sex talks can be, studies show that children who speak frequently and honestly about sex with their parents are more likely to delay sexual activity.


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