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Welcome Our New Intern, Kate!

It’s that time again, you guys. The school year has started, which means we have a new intern! Like always, she doesn’t have her own account set up yet, so I’ll be posting for her until then. Here are some things I like about our new intern Kate: 1) She is just as short as I am, 2) On her first day, she gave me a Tootsie Pop, 3) She’s sassy.

Hopefully you guys like her too. Without further ado (rhyme not intended), let’s let Kate introduce herself.

Hello all,

My name is Kate Dobson and I’m the new intern at ABM. I’m a freshman at the U of M and am very excited to get involved this semester with ABM and their partners. A few facts about me are as follows (not in order of importance or relevance).

  • My ability to learn lyrics astounds many
  • The glasses I wear make my eyes huge
  • I am currently trilingual, going for quad (Spanish, French, English, soon to be Arabic)
  • My most reliable trait is being punctual
  • I wear many rings
  • I’m excited to get down to business!

Can’t wait to share more as a member of the ABM team.


Join Us.