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Are Our Representatives Representing Us?

From Kate:

A woman gets into a car accident. She’s pregnant and will die if she doesn’t end the pregnancy. Will she live?

The woman’s sister is looking for health insurance and wants coverage for abortions. Can she find a suitable insurance plan?

If four of our US Representatives have their way, the answer to these questions would be a resounding “NO.”

The US House recently passed H.R. 358, more commonly known as the “Let Women Die” bill. This is a far-reaching bill that aims to ban abortions even in cases where it would save the mother’s life. It also bans insurance plans that include abortion coverage, making it impossible for millions of women to have their procedures covered by insurance.

Chip Cravaack (CD-8), John Kline (CD-2), Erik Paulsen (CD-3) and Collin Peterson (CD-7) all voted for the “Let Women Die” bill.

Luckily, some of our representatives recognized how awful this bill is and voted against it. Keith Ellison (CD-5), Betty McCollum (CD-4) and Tim Walz (CD-1) all voted against this oppressive piece legislation.

Michele Bachmann did not vote-interesting, no?

Please hold our representatives accountable for their vote. Contact your US Representative and let your voice be heard on this issue. This bill will leave millions of women uncared for and unable to afford safe medical care that could mean the difference between life and death.


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