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Bachmann’s Attempts to Rejoin the Race.

Three months ago, Michele Bachmann was on top of the world. She had just won big at the Iowa Straw Poll and was a real contender in the race for the Republican nomination. A couple weeks ago, she was back in Iowa, but the momentum surrounding her candidacy has definitely taken a turn for the worse.

In fact, the Associated Press wrote at the end of September:

Michele Bachmann spent so much money in Iowa in August to win a statewide test vote that her web videos look more amateurish than professional now.


So let’s recap: Michele Bachmann was once again Iowa because she’s still running for president despite having no money, lagging way behind in polling and producing amateurish campaign videos.

In a desperate attempt to revive her campaign, Bachmann announced her 11-point economic plan. The bad news for her is that even Republicans believe she would do damage to the economy if elected president.

Clearly, Rep. Michele Bachmann’s campaign has faded into the background of the Republican nomination. She’s polling in the single digits, guys. The question we should ask her now is: why haven’t you dropped out of the race?

This is just another sign of her misguided priorities. Instead of focusing on getting America back to work, Bachmann said that as president one of her first actions would be to shut down the US Department of Education. Um, what? Obviously even Republicans are beginning to see that Bachmann is just too extreme to be our president. She should just admit defeat and go back to doing her job–representing her constituents.

It’s shameful how she has neglected the 6th District while on the campaign trail. If you can believe it, Michele Bachmann did not vote a single time in September. According to House records, she has missed 58 percent of the rollc all votes since July 1, when her presidential campaign went into high gear.

Congresswoman Bachmann, it’s time to admit defeat and get back to work.


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