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Playing Politics with Peoples’ Lives.

From Kate:

Governor Dayton called Sen. Hann “disgraceful” for blocking a plan for health-related grants. The package is for $25 million in federal grants for elderly, ill and disabled Minnesotans over the span of five years.

Hann considers it to be “irrational” to offer grants to children with cancer and for those suffering from Alzheimers. Hann’s attempt to either stop the grant money from coming in altogether or to delay it would halt home services for veterans, and would leave patients of chronic illness due to tobacco use and obesity without financial assistance.

Governor Dayton said that Hann’s action is an “outrageous abuse of an individual legislator’s power,” and so will bypass Hann’s letter by placing an “urgency” clause.

Hann defended himself by calling the grants “irrational” and that they begged further review.

The grants would be beneficial to so many Minnesotans that Hann’s unbelievable actions need to be stopped immediately.


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