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#99inDC: Take Back the Capitol.

Our Deputy Director, Joe, flew to DC this week to take part in Take Back the Capitol. What is Take Back the Capitol, you ask?

This week, the 99% converge on the Capitol to take it back from corporate control.

It’s time for the 99% to be a visible, peaceful presence on Capitol Hill. By day we’ll show up at Congressional hearings and K Street lobbyists’ offices, and by night we’ll crash in church auditoriums, union halls, and in tents and sleeping bags.

Our goal is to remind Congress to represent all Americans–not just the richest 1%.

On Monday, folks flew in, set up the People’s Camp by pitching tents, and got ready for the week ahead. Yesterday, folks (including the MN delegation) occupied Congressional offices to remind Congress that the Capitol is the People’s House.

For the rest of the week, you can follow Alliance for a Better Minnesota’s Facebook page as our Deputy Director Joe Davis updates on what goes on for the rest of the week. He’ll also be tweeting updates at @doeyjavis.

Join Us.