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MN Reps Try to Out Wait Occupiers.

From Kate:

In Washington, DC last week, groups of 10-20 Minnesotans waited (some for hours on end) in order to speak with their US Representatives. Jennifer Carpenter, an out-of-work education professional, urged Minnesota’s Representatives who do not support the Jobs Bill or fair taxes to think of the people they’re supposed to be representing.

“We need jobs in Minnesota. They need to vote on extending unemployment benefits. Nobody’s getting a job tomorrow.”

When Minnesota delegations visiting the offices of their Republican Representatives were poorly received (not not received at all), they stayed and waited until they got answers.

After a long wait, Rep. Kline expressed minimal sympathy for the idea of extending unemployment benefits, while Rep. Cravaack simply shared a personal story of his own unemployment, but made no concessions.

And after four hours of waiting, Rep. Paulsen gave Jennifer Carpenter a brief moment to speak her mind. How generous!

(Rep. Bachmann was not in DC. Rep. Ellison pulled some of the Occupy MNers into his office as they waited for other Representatives to express his enthusiastic support for the 99%!)

Are we the only ones who find it outrageous that our own elected officials don’t have time for those whom they represent?

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