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So I Can Fight for Others Rights, But….

From Kate:

…if I need an abortion, my health care will not provide for me. It’s completely outrageous that with over 40,000 women serving in the U.S. military, they are not deemed worthy of the standard of health care that cilivians receive. What a way to say thank you, am I right?

With cases of sexual assault, rape and incest regrettably being reported, our service women must be granted the right to get an abortion. It’s baffling to see that all federal employees, women receiving Medicaid, and those receiving Indian Health Service are being supported in these traumatic and heinous situations, but the military health care does not offer any help.

Sen. Shaheen of New Hampshire proposed an amendment that would return fairness to military policy and allow the military health system to cover abortion care. The House members ruthlessly denied this right to service women in the spring. Now it’s up to the Senate to fight for those who fight for us.

Just as these women take risks for our well-being, we must return the favor. The issue at hand is that Majority Leader Reid and Senator Carl Levin, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, have to put Sen. Shaheen’s amendment into action.

Not only is the Shaheen amendment a statement for a woman’s right to necessary health care access, but it also stands as an observation of the inequalities ignored between our military service women and the women for whom they fight.


Photo credit: Flickr

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