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Right to Work? Let’s Make Real Change Instead.

The conservative, corporate-friendly Center of the American Experiment (CAE) released a report today claiming our state would be better off if we passed a “right to work” law, which would reduce workers’ rights and gut labor unions.


Right to work, I can assure you, will not help working families. Instead, making Minnesota a right to work state would only advance corporations’ bottom lines. So…what would actually happen if Minnesota implemented a right to work law?

  • Lower wages for working families
  • Weaker pensions for those who are struggling already
  • Reduced health benefits
  • More likelihood of low-quality construction projects
  • Greater chance of workplace deaths

How is any of this helping middle-class families get back on track in these tough economic times? It’s not.

As we all know, corporate CEOS spend billions to elect corporate-friendly politicians to office. These CEOs are attempting to keep their labor costs as small as possible, which means attacking workers through right to work laws.

Instead of ending corporate tax breaks, this plan will attack Minnesotan families. It’s time to put our foot down. At a time when families are already fighting to make ends meet, why kick them when they’re down?

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