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And the Hits Just Keep on Coming….

From Kate:

The war against women has taken an even more outrageous turn in our state. Republicans in our state legislature recently introduced a bill targeting women that would force a physician to hold off on from providing the best care for their patient until the patient was in serious mortal danger. Republicans are calling it the “Heartbeat Bill.”

Yes, you did read that right…the patient would literally have to be on her deathbed in order to have an abortion.

A heartbeat can be detected from the fetus as early as five weeks into a woman’s term. This is early enough that quite possibly, the woman isn’t even aware that she is pregnant yet.

One doctor explained that his patient found out that her pregnancy was in her abdomen, not in her uterus. If this bill were in place, this woman would have to wait to have an abortion until she began to bleed to death from the pregnancy.

Luckily, her doctor was able to give her the best care possible able and protect her from reaching this point by respecting her wishes and her control over her own body.

The bill is not solely “raving insanity,” but it’s also considerably half-baked. It does not address the issues of pregnancies as results of rape or incest. Nor does this bill consider women’s mental health.

Should we really wait until a woman is taking her last breaths to let her make a choice for her own life?

The answer is very simple, folks.


Photo credit: Flickr

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