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It’s Caucus Time!

From Kate:

Today is the day, folks! We’ve all marked our calendars and ripped off paper chain links counting down to today. It’s caucus day!

Tonight at 7pm, Minnesota’s politicial parties will hold caucuses for the 2012 election. This is a really great opportunity to have your voice be heard.

We always hear “Your vote matters!” and “You could be the tipping point!” and this time I honestly believe it.

For those who haven’t caucused before and don’t know what it entails, here are the details:

Basically, the caucus is a event set up so that folks can discuss issues and party platform ideas as well as vote in a straw poll, then elect officers and delegates. Very simple.

Anyone can caucus. In order to have voting power tonight, one must be eligible to vote in that precinct for the 2012 election and be in general agreement with the party’s issue positions. Pretty easy, eh?

So where can you find your caucus location?! RIGHT HERE!

Please please please go and caucus tonight! In a room of your neighbors and fellow progressives, it’s the perfect opportunity to fight for what’s in the best interest of a “better Minnesota.”


Photo credit: Flickr

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