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Voter ID Call to Action.

From Kate:

Alright, folks. This outrageous Voter ID legislation has gone too far already. We know the facts about SF 1577, but what does NOT seem to be getting across is the incredibly detrimental effects of this bill to the people of Minnesota.

Here’s the breakdown from the Minnesota Council of Non-Profits of voters in Minnesota without IDs–this is a great resource!


That’s over 200,000 people. No, that’s not a decimal point. Two-hundred THOUSAND disenfranchised voters statewide.

If we’re not at the table, we’re on the table. So please call your Senator and urge them to vote against the Voter ID bill.

Let’s make it even easier…just read from this!

Hello, my name is ____. I am from district ____, and I do not support a voter identification amendment in Minnesota’s constitution, because:

-Voting is our right, and Voter ID would add a barrier to exercising our right to vote.

-Voter ID would make it harder for students, senior citizens and low-income Minnesotans to participate in our electoral system.

-Minnesota has the highest voter turnout in the nation, so why would we change the best system in our nation?

-I am concerned that this amendment would eliminate Election Day Registration and absentee voting, which currently allow hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans to participate.

As a citizen who would be impacted by this bill, I urge Senator ____ to vote against Senate File 1577.


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