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Rep. Cravaack In Trouble for Supporting Middle Class Crushing Budget.

Perhaps the only thing more removed than Rep. Cravaack’s house in New Hampshire might be his vote for the House GOP budget last week. We all had some good laughs had yesterday, but it’s time to start unpacking this vote a bit. Americans United for Change and AFSCME are out with a new ad targeting Rep. Chip Cravaack for his vote in favor of the Paul Ryan/House GOP budget. Much like the last go round with Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan to end Medicare, Republicans are once again swooping back in to try and privatize the program. 

A lot of us have become familiar with the Medicare cuts portion of the budget, but there are other drastic measures included in this plan as well. Over half (62%) of the cuts in this plan go to programs that serve poor and working class families. The benefits? You guessed it, only the richest Americans. Via The Wonkbook, two graphs that pretty much some it up.

Graph showing the highest percent change in after-tax income goes to those making more than one million dollars.

Graph showing that of the 62% of cuts made to low-income programs by Ryan Plan, .3 trillion come from Medicaid, Pell Grants, food stamps, etc.

Now, Rep. Cravaack might try and spin this as a plan only to deal with the budget deficit in order to get away from the extremely unpopular Medicare cuts, but as we can see from these graphics it’s nothing but the same old Republican attack on working folks to benefit only the richest. 

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