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Blogger Threatens to Tase ABM Staff, Rep. Pat Garofalo Thinks It’s Funny.

Minnesota Republicans are all a Twitter today with their state convention starting up (#mngop12 if you want to follow all of the action, and there’s sure to be plenty), and it took all of about one hour for Team Extreme to cross the line. 

Conservative blogger John Gilmore — yes, this John Gilmore who was arrested and charged for harassing and threatening two Muslim women during Netroots Nation in 2011 — heard we were coming to the convention today to deliver petition to state legislators that their time is up in the majorities. What does he think of that?

John Gilmore Taser Tweet

Now, Mr. Gilmore thinks that’s a pretty funny joke, but given his past and the seriousness of any threat of violence, we’re not laughing. Some other people, like state representative Pat Garofalo, looked at this tweet and thought parts of it were a hoot. The threat of violence? Meh.

Garofalo Taser Tweet

Sock puppets? HILARIOUS to Rep. Garofalo. A man arrested and charged for harassing and threatening people in the past making more threats of violence? Apparently not a big deal. 

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