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Things You Could Buy Instead of Paying for Republican Scandal Lawyers.

Today, on a divided voice vote, Republican legislators approved more than $84,000 in legal fees related to the Michael Brodkorb lawsuit for wrongful termination in the Amy Koch scandal earlier this year.

Instead of footing the first bill for this legal mess, think of what else we could have bought. Check out the serious, silly, and all of the other things we could have picked up instead of lawyers for scandals (keep in mind, this is just the first of what could be several bills):


Teacher2.5 first-year teachers. Instead of talking about how which teachers to fire, we could add two and a half teachers to classrooms.

GOTBluRay1,910 copies of Game of Thrones on BluRay. Just enough for you and your closest friends.

Cars Car insurance for life. According to, you could pick up car insurance for life for roughly $84,000.

PoliceJust about 2 entry-level police officers. But who wants police officers when you can have lawyers instead?

IPAD168 iPads. You will never be without an iPad ever again.


I’m sure I’m missing all sorts of things we could buy for fun and for real in Minnesota with the money we are paying for Republicans to defend themselves in a scandal of their own making. The fact is Minnesota can do better than this. Join our campaign to build a better legislature and you can help us hold this scandal plagued legislature accountable.

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