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Congrats, Chip: Award-winning blunderer!

From Thomas:

cravaack.jpgIt’s about time Republican Congressman Chip Cravaack was awarded for his astonishing work – or lack thereof – representing Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District, right? Oh wait, this honor doesn’t quite rise to Nobel levels. It’s Politico’s much awaited Top 5 Bloopers by House Republican Freshmen, and good ‘ole Chip made the cut!

“It’s not unusual for House members to live a few miles outside their district. But to move the wife and kids to a house on the other side of the country?” Politico writes.

After railing against his opponent for being inaccessible and out-of-touch during the election, Rep. Cravaack moved his entire family from their home in the 8th district to the state of New Hampshire. Since the family’s move last July, Cravaack’s been missing in action, spending more of his time away from his constituents and more time avoiding the issues on the minds of Minnesotans.

Cravaack’s out-of-touch, Washington ways are no joke to residents of the 8th District, though. Nor are they simply an embarrassing blooper. The people of Northeastern Minnesota not only lack the representation they deserve, but lack the representation they need.

Congratulations, Chip!



Photo Credit: MPR

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