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This Week on Twitter.

It can be difficult to follow the action at the state capitol, so we’re going to wade through all of the mess on #mnleg and take you through a week of action in only five tweets. Some of them serious, some silly and usually nerdy. Here we go:

#5 First Day Of A New Legislature Means Adorable Family Pictures.

KARE-11 Reporter John Croman snagged the cutest of the cute family back-to-school-styled pictures of Senator Foung Hawj and family.


#4 Paul Thissen Named 2012 Legislator of the Year

The Minority Leader turned Speaker goes over well with the award-giving crowd. I cheated a little bit here, technically this came at the very end of last week, but we’re just getting started here so cut me a break.


#3 Quist Rides Again!

Noted dinosaur enthusiast Allen Quist–recently defeated in his race against Rep. Tim Walz in CD1–won the Republican endorsement for the special election in HD19A. There was much rejoicing:


#2 Pay Kerfuffle

Cuts to GOP Senate staffers’ pay–in part to save up to pay for GOP scandal lawsuit costs–caused quite the stir at the capitol this week. Irony was also involved:


#1 Now That We’re In Session, Keep Taco Salad Costs Down

The key to every week at the legislature is the perfect taco salad.


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