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6 Thumbs That Explain the GOP’s Problems.

Lately there have been clusters of Minnesota Republicans gathering around fancy tables, elaborate powerpoints, college lecture halls of an appropriate size, and perhaps even tiny campfires peering deep into their hearts. This might seem rather odd for a party known for cutting low-income people off of health insurance, but losing every statewide election since 2006 can get to you. Shake your spirit, even.

Nationally, a similar conversation is happening around even more fancy tables and the most elaborate powerpoints D.C. interns can put together. Losing five of the last six popular votes for President will do that, too.

Luckily, instead of blaming technology gaps and other factors out on the margins, we can look at three simple pictures from new data released by Pew Research today and see pretty quickly what the problem is. They’re massively out of touch:

76% of people support a balanced approach, only 19% of people support cuts only.


71% of people support raising the federal minimum wage to .00 an hour, only 26% oppose it.


83% of people support increased background checks for guns, only 15% oppose it.

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