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Michele Bachmann + Erik Paulsen = Congressional Soulmates!

Imagine if Members of Congress did E-Harmony profiles or those old school computerized match games we did back in junior high. What if they were matched on a series of personality characteristics – in this case policy positions outlined by votes – with their Congressional Soulmate?

That would be awesome. Unless, of course, someone had the unfortunate experience that we all remember from junior high. You remember the day you got matched with that kid who made fun of you in gym class or worse, you got matched with the person you secretly crushed on for years!

Well, we used our very sophisticated, highly scientific (it actually is!) Congressional Match-O-Meter to make an amazing discovery: Congressman Erik Paulsen’s Congressional Soulmate is…



…Congresswoman Michele Bachmann!

How convenient! Not only will Paulsen not have to commute very far to hang with his Congressional Soulmate, but he also knows whom to turn to when considering an important vote in Washington.

They’re perfect for each other!! After all:

  • Both Paulsen and Bachmann voted against the fiscal cliff deal that prevented a massive tax increase on middle class families
  • Both Paulsen and Bachmann voted for the Ryan Budget – putting our children’s education, seniors’ ability to retire with dignity, and even support for veterans at risk

The list goes on and on. Paulsen and Bachmann are such a great match that they voted together a stunning 92% of the time.

92% compatibility definitely earns Paulsen and Bachmann soulmate status!

Oops! We hope we didnt just accidentally reveal Paulsen’s secret soulmate, junior high style. Sorry, Congressman!

Written by Executive Director Carrie Lucking

Photo credit: Flickr

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