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From Glenn “There Is No Gay Gene” Gruenhagen: “Welfare” Responsible for Out-of-Wedlock Births by “Minorities”.

Last week, state legislator Glenn Gruenhagen stood up at an anti-marriage equality press conference and bizarrely kept repeating, “There is no gay gene.” Upworthy put it best: A politician attacks gay people using pretend science. Real science corrects him. Take a look:

Now he’s at it again. During a legislative debate on the Minnesota health insurance exchange last night, Gruenhagen actually claimed that welfare causes out-of-wedlock minority births by telling “men that they can impregnate as many women as they want and the government will pick up the tab.” Again, take a look.

My favorite part? When Rep. Tina Liebling stands up and puts the truth smack down on Rep. Gruenhagen.

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