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Michele Bachmann Lies, Erik Paulsen Misleads on VAWA Vote.

BachmannLiar.jpgCan you believe that Michele Bachmann lied about voting for the Violence Against Women Act?

Late last week, the Republican-led House of Representatives finally did the right thing and passed the real, bipartisan, inclusive Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Republicans held VAWA hostage for months, refusing to protect all women and include LGBT, Native and immigrant women among those protected from violence and abuse.

They learned from their constituents that Americans believe ALL women should be protected from violence, and that folks weren’t happy Republicans let VAWA expire for the first time since it was first passed in 1994.

Maybe that’s why Republicans are now misleading and outright lying about their votes. Do these people not understand that the vote is public, so we know when you’re lying about voting to protect women?!

Our very own Michele Bachmann was one of the many US House members who started lying about their vote. Her spokesman said:

“Rep. Bachmann recognizes the importance of giving local law enforcement and nonprofit programs the resources they need to fight against domestic violence and sexual assault, which is why she supported the stronger House version of the Violence Against Women Act,” said Bachmann spokesman Dan Kotman.

There’s just one problem, Dan: Michele Bachmann sure did vote for the gutted House version of VAWA, but she sure as heck voted against the bipartisan, inclusive, stronger VAWA that ultimately passed.

Uh oh, looks like someone is lying again.

Meanwhile, Erik Paulsen wants you to think he supports preventing violence against all women. He released a statement basically congratulating himself for being bipartisan and doing the right thing:

The Violence Against Women Act is bipartisan legislation that is critical to protecting women from domestic violence, assault, and stalking. I worked closely with victims’ advocates and housing organizations on provisions to provide victims with additional housing opportunities, which is critical for their safety. I look forward to continuing to work with these groups and law enforcement in Minnesota to provide services and support in halting domestic abuse.

Too bad it’s something he should have done nine months ago.

Erik Paulsen and Republicans in the House had an opportunity to do the right thing in May of 2012 and they chose to let VAWA expire rather than protect all women from violence.

He also voted twice on weakened, gutted VAWA legislation that would have excluded LGBT and Native women from VAWA’s needed protections.

It looks like once again Michele Bachmann and Erik Paulsen have more in common than we thought: neither of them can be counted on to put women’s interests ahead of the interests of the Republican Party.

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