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Only in DC folks: Kline hosting fundraiser for scandal-ridden Congressmen.

Rep. John KlineWhat do you do when you don’t want Minnesotans to know you’re hosting a fundraiser for a Congressman riddled with scandal? Just host the fundraiser in Washington, DC!

That’s what Rep. John Kline did, anyways.

In case you haven’t heard – Rep. Kline is hosting a fundraiser on April 19th for the scandal-plagued politician Rep. Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee. Rep. DesJarlais, who is a pro-life Republican, is under fire for having an affair and then “pressing his mistress to get an abortion,” according to the Star Tribune. You can also read about in the National Journal or the Chattanooga Times Free Press in Tennessee.

“Court papers released by the Tennessee Democratic Party shortly after his November re-election over Democrat Eric Stewart show that while practicing medicine, DesJarlais dated several patients, arranged with one to get an abortion, and agreed to an abortion for his then-wife.”

This is especially interesting since Kline is a strong supporter of “personhood” bills – bills that provide no abortion exceptions, even for victims of rape or when the mother’s life is at risk.

Kline’s excuse was that he had no plans to attend the fundraiser and that he was just “lending his name” as chairman of the Education and Workforce Committee, which includes DesJarlais.

Talk about ‘right’ hypocrisy: Kline, a personhood Republican, is “lending his name” in support of a Congressman who pressed his mistress to have an abortion?

Only in Washington, DC, folks.

Check out the video below to see the kind of person Kline is helping raise money for:


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