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Preparing You for Silly Talking Points: Budget Edition.

Before I write this I just want to clarify something. I’m from Wisconsin. I love Wisconsin–especially the Packers and cheese, but I will also admit to supporting the Milwaukee Bucks–however I can’t let Minnesota Republicans continue to lie about my home state. You see, it’s not some job creation paradise since Scott Walker took over. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. So when you see some Minnesota Republican post or tweet something like this tomorrow during Mark Dayton’s budget announcement, I want you to be prepared. (Update: The budget will now be rolled out later this week, not tomorrow)



According to some new numbers being released, Wisconsin is checking in at #50 in percentage employment change since Scott Walker took office. That’s… not good. If we limit it to only the last year Wisconsin jumps all of the way to… #40. Still not good. So remember, when a Minnesota Republican starts to attack a balanced budget plan that invests in the things that keep Minnesota competitive as though it’s going to be a greal deal for Wisconsin, conservatives aren’t exactly doing a great job guiding Wisconsin forward. 

Wisconsin: #50 in Job Creation Since Scott Walker Took Over

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