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An Ultra-Rich Republican is Running for Governor.

ScottHonourWrong.jpgEver heard of Scott Honour? There’s only one thing you need to know: He’s an ultra-rich Republican who just announced he’s running for Governor.

We wish we could say we’re shocked that the ultra-rich want to take back our state from Governor Dayton, who stands up for middle class families every day. But we’re not.

Talk about your classic, out of touch Republican. Before moving to Minnesota, Honour used to live in Pacific Palisades. He lived in an ultra-swanky mansion with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. That’s over 10,000 sq. ft.

He sold his LA mansion in 2010 for almost $9 million. Here’s a screen shot of his LA mansion from Google Earth:HonourLAMansion.jpg

You’ll notice he paid almost $100,000 in property taxes in 2010. Because nothing says I know how to make Minnesota better for middle class, hard working families than paying more in property taxes than most Minnesotans make in a year.

When Scott Honour moved to Minnesota, he chose the 5th wealthiest zipcode in the Twin Cities.

Honour dropped a cool $9.75 million on his house in Wayzata. It’s got five bedrooms and 5.25 baths. It’s over 8,500 sq. ft. on almost three acres of land at the tip of a peninsula.

That’s a pretty freaking nice life, if you can afford it. Take a good hard look at where Scott Honour lives, because chances are you and I are never, ever, ever going to be making that kind of cash.HonourMNPalace

Is anybody else singing the theme song from The Apprentice (“money, money, money mooooney”) in their heads?

We’re in the fight of our lives trying to get the richest of the rich to pay their fair share and end corporate tax loopholes that allow them to avoid paying US taxes, and millionaire Scott Honour thinks he knows what’s best for the state of Minnesota?

We’re here to tell you first: Scott Honour is WRONG for Minnesota.

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