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Bob Davis is the Coward of the Country.

Bob Davis’ horrific comments on his radio show “Davis & Emmer” reverberated throughout the nation last week when he told the victims of the Newtown massacre to “go to hell.” When given a chance to apologize, Davis offered up a weak non-apology. A few days later, Davis clarified his non-apology.

Today, it’s become clear just how close to home Davis’ disrespectful, mean-spirited and insensitive comments hit for the families in Newtown, Conn.

Brad Greene, a resident of Sandy Hook, Conn., wrote to the Star Tribune to publicly ask Davis whether he had the courage to repeat his hurtful comments in front of the victims of the families and educators killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

“Would he have the courage to look people in the eye, tell them to deal with their tragedy, tell them that his liberty is more important than their loss, and tell them to go to hell?”

Greene even told Davis he would pay for his travel expenses to Newtown “to stand in front of people and repeat the words he said on the radio.” Unsurprisingly, Davis has yet to respond.

We stand behind Greene and the families in Newtown. Davis’ cowardly actions wither pathetically next to the courage of Sandy Hook victims.




Photo credit: City Pages

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