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Gov. Dayton Wants to Put 27,000 Minnesotans to Work.

Things are finally looking up for Minnesota: we’ve added over 122,000 new jobs since Gov. Dayton took office, recovering all the jobs that were lost during the Great Recession. Minnesota ranks fifth among states in employee perceptions of job creation at their workplaces.

But there’s still work to do. Too many hard-working families are still feeling the pinch of tough economic times, which is why Gov. Dayton has a new plan to get more Minnesotans working.

Last month, Gov. Dayton proposed nearly $1 billion in funding for construction projects to improve our roads, bridges, infrastructure and parks. A $1 billion bonding bill would create more than 27,000 good-paying jobs, putting thousands of Minnesotans to work across the state.

Check out all of thScreen Shot 2014-02-25 at 9.40.04 AMe projects across the state that Gov. Dayton proposed funding and click the image to explore Gov. Dayton’s bonding proposals.

Thanks to Gov. Dayton and our progressive legislature, Minnesota is once again on the path to a strong economy. The 2014 legislative session is a great opportunity to keep moving Minnesota forward, and strengthening Minnesota’s working class by putting thousands of Minnesotans to work will certainly do that.

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