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Gov. Dayton works to get students a hot lunch.

hotlunchSome kids in Minnesota are not getting lunch. If a student’s lunch account is in the red, some school districts won’t allow those students to purchase a hot lunch. In the worst cases, students’ trays are taken away in front of their peers and dumped in the trash.

Governor Dayton said this practice is unacceptable, and proposed a solution to make sure Minnesota’s kids don’t go hungry at school. Dayton proposed adding $3.5 million to his supplemental budget to make sure students can eat lunch.

Dayton said:

“No child in Minnesota should be denied a healthy lunch. We cannot expect our students to succeed on an empty stomach.”

The governor’s investment in school lunches is not only the right thing to do, it’s also a key component to creating academic success and, eventually, a stronger workforce. The governor’s proposal will combat childhood hunger, which has a direct correlation with academic performance.

Many districts have applauded the governor for taking swift action in addressing this problem, and I’m sure many parents and children across the state would agree.

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