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Welcome to the brand new We’ve redesigned the site to make it more friendly to the mobile world and make it easier to get news on the progressive issues that matter most. You can now sort through news by author, type of content or month posted.

With Disqus managed comments you can also engage with the issues that matter most to you without dealing with the comment spammers offering you lucrative offers to work from home.

During the transition we lost some author information from our community blog days, so some older posts may be attributed to the ABetterMN author that weren’t posted by staff. If you see something familiar to you under that title, that would be why. You can contact us. with any issues.

Also, you may notice some broken links as we finish the transition. We’ll be going through and cleaning that up throughout the week. If you notice anything you’d like changes on or have any questions, feel free to contact us.

We are excited to start a new legislative session with new and better ways to spread progressive change in Minnesota. Happy New Website Day everyone!

Join Us.