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Celebrate Higher Education Investments Over Spring Break.

collegetuitionIt’s spring break for University of Minnesota students this week. If they’re smart, most of them took off to celebrate their week of freedom some place warm.

They might not know it, but Minnesota students have more to celebrate than just a week off from classes. Thanks to our progressive leaders, Minnesota college students’ futures are looking brighter than ever.

Making our college students a priority after decades of state budget deficit rollercoasters means that they don’t have to worry about saddling themselves and their families with more debt. Our progressive budget last year included a two-year tuition freeze at the University of Minnesota and MnSCU, which means Minnesota students don’t have to worry about their tuition increasing next year.

Minnesota also made history by passing the DREAM Act, which allows high school graduates without documentation to pay in-state tuition rates and qualify for state grants.

One more thing that Minnesota college students should celebrate this week? Our progressive leaders included $75 million in the state budget to help low- and middle-income students pay for their education. We know that our students need a high-quality education to compete in the 21st century economy, which is why we should be helping more Minnesota students get the education they need to succeed, not erecting more barriers for them by cutting education funding.

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