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Progressive Leaders Pass Tax Relief for Middle Class.

Dayton_ taxbreakIf you haven’t filed your state taxes yet, you might just want to hold up for a minute. Gov. Dayton signed a tax relief package this weekend that will give thousands of Minnesotans a little extra in their returns.

This tax relief is expected to help out roughly 250,000 Minnesotans. There are 22 different categories of tax relief in this bill, which mostly helps middle class working families. Some of those who will benefit include educators who paid for classroom supplies, low income families and those paying off student debt.

If you already filed your state return, the Department of Revenue is asking you to just hold tight. They’ll contact you if you need to file an updated return to get some additional tax relief. 

The $440 million tax relief bill passed the Minnesota House and Senate with bipartisan support, and was ushered through the process in less than a month under Gov. Dayton’s leadership.

Governor Dayton says these improvements will put more money in the pockets of Minnesotans and make taxes simpler, two things I think we can all agree will help Minnesota.

Once again, our progressive leaders are looking out for the middle class, and this time many will quite literally see those benefits in their bank accounts.

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