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Rep. Paul Ryan’s Extreme Ideas Trumpeted by Local GOP Group in Visit.

Paul_ryanCongressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is in town today. He is the special guest for a Center of the American Experiment event, where they’re charging $100 to participate in the luncheon and $5,000 per person for the private roundtable.

Rep. Ryan was propelled to the national scene in 2012 as presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s running mate. He is also well known for his budget proposals. As the chair of the House budget committee, Ryan has a platform to showcase his ideas of how things should be done. And it’s not too pretty.

As you can probably guess, Ryan’s budget proposals regularly put corporate interests ahead of middle class families. His 2012 budget would have cut 4.1 million jobs.

Not only does this plan cut jobs, it also provides huge tax breaks to big oil and big corporations. According to the Tax Policy Center, it would give $3 trillion in tax breaks for the richest of the rich. In fact, this would mean a nearly $187,000 tax break for millionaires, all while working Minnesota families earn far less.

Rep. Paul Ryan’s ideas for America and Minnesota are drastically different from what we’ve seen and experienced from our progressive leadership. Instead of protecting big business and corporate interests, we have an economy that looks out for middle class families and working Minnesotans. And that’s a good thing.

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