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Republican Rep. Gains National Attention for Calling Equal Pay Supporters “Whiners”.

kieffer_whinersMinnesota Republican Representative Andrea Kieffer’s disparaging remarks about supporters of  the Women’s Economic Security Act- a package of bills aiming to level the economic playing field for women-  garnered national attention today.

Rep. Kieffer called supporters of equal pay for equal work “whiners,” and said the proposed legislation takes women backward, even though women in Minnesota still earn 80 cents to every dollar a man makes.

The Huffington Post quotes DFL Rep. Erin Murphy who said:

“Too often women are branded as ‘whiners’ when they challenge unfairness in our laws and society. I would bet a lot people said Susan B. Anthony was a whiner when she fought for the right to vote. The reality is that women in Minnesota and throughout our country face unique economic barriers and everyone deserves a fair chance at success.”

If you agree that women working for economic fairness are not whiners, then take action. Sign this petition telling Rep. Kieffer she’s out of touch with the realities facing working women and that working for equality is not “whining.”

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