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Senator Franken Works to Protect Consumers in Potential Merger Deal.

alfrankencomcastThere’s a big deal brewing in the cable and internet industry. Comcast is attempting to acquire Time Warner, with a whopping $45 billion price tag.

But, not so many people are excited, or even optimistic, about the implications of this deal. Only 6% of Americans think it’s a good idea.

Senator Al Franken is among the other 94% of people who think the Comcast Time Warner merger is a bad idea. He has been outspoken about this issue for months.

In a recent interview, Franken said:

“I think consumers will end up paying more, there will be less competition, there will be less innovation and, worse, even worse service.”

Senator Franken has been a strong advocate for consumer protections and privacy regulation during his first term in the U.S. Senate. He’s taken issue with location trackers in cars, against online facial recognition, and maintaining net neutrality.

The proposed merger will be reviewed by the Justice Department and the FCC, but Franken also cited Comcast’s shaky history with following the rules. The FCC fined Comcast $800,000 for failing to “visibly offer and actively market” standalone broadband service to low-income folks, a condition of a previous Comcast merger.

Franken, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is planning to hold a hearing on how the merger would affect consumers later this month. And with only 6% of people thinking this deal is a good idea, I can imagine what Senators will be hearing on that committee.

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