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Progressive Roundup: Earth Day, Pay and Transit.

progressive roundupcapitolwhiteEvery week, Alliance for a Better Minnesota will highlight the important work being done in the progressive community. Focusing on issues that impact Minnesotan’s lives, this important work helps Minnesota continue moving forward.

Earth Day: Happy Earth Day! Clean Water Action is holding a rally at the Capitol to mark the day. The rally is calling for more clean energy jobs and policies in Minnesota to protect our environment and keep our economy growing. More details here.

Pay: CEOs in Minnesota make 127% more than average workers, according to a new report released by the AFL-CIO. It found that the average CEO of a company based in Minnesota made $5,725,683 compared to the $44,932 earned by the average Minnesota private sector worker. This staggering statistic is just further evidence of an increasing income inequality across the country and state.

Transit: Neighborhoods Organizing for Change is working to make sure all communities are included in city transportation plans, and they want to be sure that North Minneapolis is in the mix. Learn more about their work here.

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