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RELEASE: GOP Candidates for U.S. Senate and Governor Vote Against Leveling Economic Playing Field for Women.

ortamnfaceRepublican candidates for higher office State Senators Dave Thompson and Julianne Ortman opposed leveling the economic playing field for women today, voting against the Women’s Economic Security Act (WESA). The Minnesota Senate passed the bill by a vote of 51-14 Wednesday.

“Republican candidates Julianne Ortman and Dave Thompson voted against a more equal Minnesota today,” said Joe Davis, Deputy Director of Alliance for a Better Minnesota. “They back corporate special interests instead of working Minnesota women and their families. Their priorities are completely twisted and damaging to our state. Thankfully our progressive leaders led the way on bringing this important legislation closer to law in Minnesota.”

Thompson and Ortman are not the only Minnesota Republicans to oppose equal pay. Earlier this year, Rep. Andrea Kieffer gained national attention for calling supporters of equal pay “whiners.”

WESA works to end gender discrimination in pay, protect women from discrimination in the workplace and encourage women to fill high-wage nontraditional jobs. Today’s vote is a crucial final step in moving these bills into law. The Senate and House versions of these bills now go to conference committee.

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