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Gov. Dayton Approves Bills to Benefit Minnesota Families.

daytonEarlier this week, Gov. Mark Dayton signed four bills into law. The new laws, which will provide tax relief to millions of Minnesotans, create thousands of jobs, and allocate an extra $25 in state aid per K-12 pupil, highlight some of the massive accomplishments the DFL has worked to achieve this year.

Nearly half of the $103 million from the tax relief bill is set aside for the property tax returns to Minnesota’s homeowners, renters, and farmers. Combining this with earlier tax reductions this year, Gov. Dayton and the Legislature have provided $550 million in tax relief for the state.

The governor estimates that the $846 million bonding bill and $199 million for public works construction projects will create 33,000 jobs over the next two years. The measures will also help to improve college facilities, parks and roads, and downtown business centers in the state’s largest cities.

In addition to tax relief, job creation, and facility improvements, the newly approved $262 million in funds provides pay raises to home- and community-based health caregivers. It also provides an extra $25 in state aid per pupil to K-12 schools. To combat the lack of high-speed internet in Minnesota’s rural communities, as Sen. Al Franken pointed out earlier this month, the bill will also expand broadband internet access across the state.

House Speaker Paul Thissen emphasized the DFL’s achievements:

“The reality is that most Minnesota families will see their overall tax bill going down, thanks to our budget.”

At a Capitol news conference, surrounded by DFLers, Gov. Dayton summed up the Legislature’s administration in one word:

“Progress. That is what we have achieved.”

Photo credit: Flickr

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