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Gov. Dayton Made Historic Education Investments Last Year.

govdaytoninvestOne year ago today, Gov. Dayton made history. He didn’t make the World’s Largest Pizza or usurp Usain Bolt as the fastest man in the world, but he did change a lot of lives. On May 22, 2013, Gov. Dayton signed the 2013 education budget bill into law.

Why is this so historic? Because after over a decade of budget deficits and drastic cuts to education, Gov. Dayton shifted our state’s course and proudly invested in our children’s future. All of our littlest learners will be able to attend free all-day kindergarten starting this summer because our progressive leaders decided to stop cutting education funding. Enough was enough.

Gov. Dayton and our progressive leaders know that kids need a quality education to compete in today’s global economy, which makes early investment in their learning key. We’re creating the world’s best workforce by ensuring Minnesota kids have the tools they need to succeed.

The education bill Gov. Dayton signed also increased funds for special education and per-pupil funding for schools. These historic investments are just one part of getting Minnesota back on the right track and moving forward. Gov. Dayton put it well:

“More money for education doesn’t absolutely guarantee success, but less money for education absolutely guarantees failure. …We’re not going to improve test scores, close the achievement gap, or get our kids ready for a very competitive world by reducing the investment in education.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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