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Michele Bachmann Opposes Women’s History?

Add celebrating women’s history to the list of things Michele Bachmann opposes. During a debate about establishing a bipartisan commission on creating the first national women’s history museum, Michele Bachmann said:

“I rise today in opposition to this bill, because I believe ultimately this museum that will be built on the National Mall, on federal land, will enshrine the radical feminist movement that stands against the pro-life movement, the pro-family movement, and pro-traditional marriage movement,” Bachmann said on the House floor Wednesday ahead of a vote on the bill.

“As it’s currently written,” she added, “the legislation lacks the necessary safeguards to ensure the proposed museum will not become an ideological shrine to abortion that will eventually receive federal funding and a prominent spot on the National Mall.”

Maybe in Michele Bachmann’s brain women’s history+Washington, DC=abortion, but for the rest of us, it just means celebrating women’s great contributions to American history.

Photo credit: Flickr

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