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Progressive Roundup: Session, 5% and Women.

progressive roundupcapitolwhiteEvery week, Alliance for a Better Minnesota will highlight the important work being done in the progressive community. Focusing on issues that impact Minnesotans’ lives, this important work helps Minnesota continue moving forward.

The End: The Minnesota Legislature ended their 2014 session on Friday with making great progress for working families, including the first minimum wage increase in a decade and funding for construction projects across the state. The list is long, but it all points back to doing what’s in the best interest of working Minnesota families.

5%: Before ending the legislative session, DFL majorities made sure to pass a wage increase for long term care providers, whose wages haven’t kept up with inflation for over a decade.

MN Women: The Women’s Economic Security Act passed into law this spring, which helps level the economic playing field for women, but there’s still more to do to create equal pay for women and their families. TakeAction MN is leading discussions this week about continuing this important work.

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