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Did Science Find Discriminatory Intent Behind Voter ID Laws?

Two identical constituent emails (except for changing up the names) may have revealed the biases fueling the push for voter ID laws.

A study from the University of Southern California found that voter ID supporters were much less likely to respond to emails from “Santiago Rodriguez” than they were to someone named “Jacob Smith.”

The discriminatory intent behind voter ID laws

Across 14 states. 1,871 state legislators. Gross.

The findings are yet another blow to the rationalization used by voter ID supporters that this is nothing more than attempt to clean up voter fraud.

voting impacts of voter id laws equal a Republican advantage

With data continually coming back that fraud is almost insignificant, adding discriminatory intent to the mix would take out two of the major components of the legal defense of the laws. Maybe that’s why judges across the country have begun striking these laws down.

Someone may also want to pass the word along to GOP Secretary of State candidate Dan Severson that these laws have to go as well.

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