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Minnesota’s Kids and Teachers Have Lots to Look Forward to This Fall.

blog-finalKids and teachers across Minnesota are celebrating the end of the school year, but summer isn’t the only thing they have to look forward to.

Minnesota Democrats have made funding schools and improving education a top priority. After conservatives made deep cuts to public school funding two years ago, Minnesota Democrats restored more than $700 million in education cuts, plus funded all-day kindergarten for every child.

This September, Minnesota will begin offering free all-day kindergarten across the state, an option previously only available to 54% of Minnesota’s families, with thousands more paying out of pocket for the service.

DFL majorities passed this important improvement last year, along with historic investments in education. Legislators invested an additional $234 million in our schools to help every school and student succeed.

This year, Minnesota saw continued progress in education. Governor Dayton and DFL majorities passed the Safe and Supportive Schools Act to help every student feel safe at school. This updates Minnesota’s 37-word bullying policy, which was considered one of the weakest in the nation. Now, school districts will be able to beef up their current bullying policies if needed, or keep working policies already in place.

These investments are crucial to creating an educated and prosperous workforce for Minnesota’s future. As kids and teachers begin enjoying their summer vacation, they can have a great summer knowing that their schools will be even better when they come back in the fall. Investments in education are something all Minnesotans can be proud of, and that’s largely thanks to our progressive leaders.

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