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Progressive Roundup: De-stressed Minnesotans, Push for Freshwater Funds, Veterans.

progressive roundupcapitolwhiteEvery week, Alliance for a Better Minnesota will highlight the important work being done in the progressive community. Focusing on issues that impact Minnesotans’ lives, this important work helps Minnesota continue moving forward.

Calm and Collected: Recent research has found that Minnesota is the 45th most stressed out state out of the lower 48. The research measured stress by evaluating percentage of population with a long commute, unemployment, work hours, density of population, percentage of income spent on housing, and percentage of population without health insurance.

Push for Freshwater Funds: This week, Gov. Mark Dayton went to Washington D.C. to ask for federal funding for the planned Lewis & Clark freshwater pipeline in southwest Minnesota. Progressive leaders in Minnesota have been busy pushing for federal money so that local government and residents won’t have additional costs.

Veterans: Sen. Amy Klobuchar has joined a bipartisan call for a criminal investigation into Veterans Affairs officials and staffers regarding manipulated appointments and wait lists for ailing veterans seeking health care.

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