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State Fair Political Must-Sees.

State Fair Political Must-Sees

Alright Minnesotans it’s your favorite time of year–State Fair time! Grab your cheese curds and your glass of fresh milk, see a show at the Grandstand, and make sure to stop by and talk to Minnesota’s politicians!

Minnesota’s DFL hosts a variety of guests, speakers and meet-and-greets. Both Senators Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar have stands where you can stop by and learn about their campaigns and work in Washington.

The AFL-CIO has a huge stand, if you’re interested in learning about unions in Minnesota.

Minnesota DFL pavilion:
Dan patch and Cooper Street
AFL-CIO stands:
Dan Patch and Underwood
Senator Al Franken:
Underwood and Judson, East
Senator Amy Klobuchar:
Underwood and Judson, West

Republican Booths:
Jeff Johnson For Minnesota:
Underwood across from the food building
Mike McFadden For Senate:
Underwood near Kidway

Here’s a Map of the Fair-




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