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The Best Way to Celebrate National Coffee Day? Fair Trade Coffee.

It’s National Coffee Day!

What better way to celebrate than by going out and buying a nice cup of Joe at one of Minnesota’s many Fair Trade coffee shops!

Fair Trade-certified coffee is better for the beans, for the farmers, and for the earth (not to mention your taste buds).

Fair Trade movements are aimed at improving the financial health and profitability of small producers and farm owners. Their organizations encourage coffee farmers to form together to make democratically-run organizations. This allows farmers to grow a bigger market, pool together their resources, and negotiate prices as a united body.

Additionally, Fair Trade certification commits buyers to a contract that mandates a minimum price for their coffee beans that’s ten cents/pound above the current rate, as well as guarantees purchase in the event of global price crashes.

The certification also requires that the growers have acceptable working conditions, no child labor, and environmentally friendly farming.Minnesota has many local coffee shops that feature Fair Trade coffee. Here are some good ones in Twin Cities:


*Café Bar Lucrat
*Birchwood Café
*Golden Thyme Café
* Dogwood Café
*Café Maude
*Overflow Café
*Maria’s Café
*Citizens Café
*Seward Community Café
*Plan B Coffee House
*Wild Roast Café
*Nokomis Beach Café
*Namaste Café
*Monte Carlo Café
*Ginkos Coffee House
*Crema Café
*Chindian Café
*Café Ena

Next time you’re at your local coffee shop, ask them about their Fair Trade policy. Happy National Coffee Day!

Photo credit: Flickr

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