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26 States Down 24 to go to Have Marriage Equality in the U.S.

gay marriage imageAs of last Monday, same-sex couples can now get married in 26 U.S. states!

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court declined to take up the case against gay marriage, a move that will allow gay men and lesbian women to marry in five more states where same-sex weddings were previously banned.

The court rejecting the appeals in cases involving Virginia, Oklahoma, Utah, Wisconsin and Indiana, means that the states lower-court rulings that struck down the ban are still intact.

A year ago, the justices ruled to strike down part of a federal law that had restricted the definition of marriage to heterosexual couples, so that same-sex couples could receive federal government benefits.

The message sent by the Court this week, by declining to face the case, is another huge win for gay marriage advocates, especially in states that still had bans on same-sex marriage.

With the push from America’s courts in support of gay marriage, Public Religion Research Institute’s yearly poll shows that public support of gay marriage is steadily increasing.

In 2010, 42 percent of Americans thought that gay marriage should be recognized. Now, in 2014, 53 percent agree it should be legal.

The path to equality doesn’t show signs of slowing down, as other states that have lower-court rulings striking down gay marriage bans will also be affected by the Supreme Coldent set this week; meaning that potentially 30 states now have same-sex marriage. 

Another great victory for the U.S., and another step toward equality for all.

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