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Progressive Roundup: MN Gets Energy, Transit and Restaurants Right.

progressive roundupcapitolwhiteEvery week, Alliance for a Better Minnesota will highlight the important work being done in the progressive community. Focusing on issues that impact Minnesotans’ lives, this important work helps Minnesota continue moving forward.

MN Does Transit Right: CNN posted an interactive piece earlier this week describing how Minnesota’s Green and Blue Line light rail service is an example of how to construct public transit correctly. The piece, which includes very cool visuals, discusses how the light rail embraces renewable energy, cultural acceptance, new businesses and jobs, affordable housing, small businesses and sustaining the community.

Record Number Restaurants Opened In 2014: The Star Tribune reported earlier this week that a record number of restaurants (91) have opened in Minnesota since the year started. They also found that there are 42 restaurants in the works to be opened later this year. There is also an map to locate all of these new restaurants.

MN’s High Energy-Efficiency: Minnesota was ranked 10th in a list of the country’s most energy-efficient states this week. Minneapolis was also scored eighth place in the list of energy-efficient cities. Our state’s ranking was the highest from the Midwest. The rankings were based on energy efficiency in categories such as transportation, utilities, heat and power and government policy.

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