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Sconnies Want WI To Be More Like MN, Naturally.

wivmnWisconsin is in a bit of a pickle at the moment. We’ve listed numerous times the ways in which we’re totally outperforming our neighbor, but with midterm elections quickly upon us, people in Wisconsin are starting to take notice.

And with good reason: Governor Scott Walker’s term has delivered detrimental policies for the majority of Sconnies.

Earlier this week, a fed-up Wisconsinite wrote a letter to the editor of the Stevens Point Journal, highlighting how much damage occurred when their conservative governor put his agenda into action.

The letter references Wisconsin’s 5.8 percent unemployment rate compared to Minnesota’s 4.5 percent, the disparity between the 250,000 jobs Gov. Walker promised and the 115,000 actually delivered (and it points out that Minnesota created 147,000 jobs with a smaller population than Wisconsin), and the statistic that Sconnies make, on average, $5,000 less than Minnesotans.

Sadly for our dairy-laden neighbors, the negative consequences of Gov. Walker’s conservative agenda don’t stop there.

That $5,000 less-for-a-Sconnie statistic? The gap, though not created under Gov. Walker’s administration, has gotten worse (7.4 percent in 2010, 9.1 percent currently) since he took office.

And although many conservatives are quick to slam MNsure, the scorned Sconnie highlighted that because Gov. Walker refused to set up a state exchange, some people living in Wisconsin pay as much as 99 percent more for insurance than Minnesotans. Also, our uninsured rate has dropped from 10 percent to 6 percent, while Wisconsin is stagnant at nearly 10 percent.

The seething letter to the editor didn’t even cover all of the awful things Gov. Walker has done to Wisconsin, such as greatly reducing collective bargaining rights, repealing the state’s equal pay act and cutting $1.6 billion from education.

Despite the fact that there is still work to be done in our state, examples like this from people in other neighboring states highlight how wrong things can go when leaders fail to do what’s best for their state. When a voter from Wisconsin has to use our state as an example of how much better we’re doing than them, you know our progressive leaders are headed in the right direction.

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